Magyar Suzuki Corporation

Informação recebida do Ministério da Inovação e da Tecnologia húngaro:

"Hereby, I share with you the project abstract of the Hungarian Suzuki Corporation, who is in search of potential transnational project partners under Climate Change Mitigation (Energy) Priority Area under the Call 2018.

LIFE Project Abstract

1. Sub-programme: LIFE Climate Change Mitigation (CCM)

2. Sector: CCM Energy

3. Member State of the coordinating beneficiary: Hungary

4. Expected duration: 2 years (2019.07.01-2021.06.30.)

5. Coordinating beneficiary: Magyar Suzuki Corporation

6. Expected total project budget – EU financial contribution requested: 5.200.000 EUR – 2.860.000 EUR

7. Short summary and aim of the project: Within the project, an innovative prototype flexible photovoltaic panel would be installed and tested on an area of about 19.900 m2 on the territory of Magyar Suzuki Corporation. The aim is to convert part of the power plant's energy production to renewable energy that would significantly decrease the carbon footprint of the car manufacturing plant in Esztergom and showcase an ultra-lightweight, unique technology with high energy yield. In order to disseminate the project results, effective communication actions would be realized too.

8. EU legislation background:
- Directive 2008/50/EC on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe
- Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC

9. Projects whose results the project is planned to be built on: e.g. LIFE PHOSTER, LIFE Factory Microgrid, LIFE BIPV"


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