Empresa romena especializada em gestão de resíduos

Informação recebida do Ministério do Ambiente romeno:

“I would like to bring to your attention, a proposal from a specialized Romanian company that is involved in waste management and has this proposal for enhanced landfill mining. 
They gave already drafted the Concept Note and established a pool of partners, some of them from the universities (for the innovative and research side), but they would also need partners, that are having a good experience in landfill mining processes.
As for this initial stage of the Concept Note, there is no need to present the support declaration documents from the partners, we would only need from you, to spread the word and if there is any potential interested partner, kindly please give them our contact e-mail address.      

Project main target:

The project aims to develop an enhanced landfill mining (ELFM) project to recuperate, recover and recycle as much as possible of the waste stored in cells 4 and 5 (about 1 million tons of unsorted household waste from Prahova County – a large sub Carpathian region )."


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