CATIM - Centro de Apoio Tecnológico à Indústria Metalomecânica


Created in 1986, CATIM has more than 690 members, mainly SME’s.

MISSION: contribute to innovation and competitiveness of national metal industries and similar or complementary sectors.

Due to its specificity  and its sectoral vocation, CATIM has always been an essential element in the business modernization on metalworking industries and related sectors, providing directly services to companies and collaborating with the State and its various departments to the implementation of relevant functions (such as the recognition as Notified Body or Sectoral Standardization Body in several fields) and in many industrially oriented programs or in partnership with several national and foreign entities, for example technological infrastructures, to improve quality, safety, innovation, competitiveness, technological upgrade and the sustainability of the national industry.

Knowing well the target sectors has been a constant concern, either through a close with the industrial and sectoral associations, either the participation in sectoral studies programs, diagnosis and strategic planning individualized for SMEs (e.g. Benchmarking studies, training-action programs), study and implementation of good manufacturing practices, either through the participation in various national and European forums of technological surveillance. 


Supporting technical and technological development of the industry, by promoting:

• execution of tasks with liability related of the national and European Standards systems, qualification, metrology and CE marking

• innovation activities aiming to fill the gap between market needs related with positive external spillovers (dissemination of knowledge), coordination difficulties and imperfect and asymmetric information

• knowledge and technology diffusion and transfer, capability provision for collective initiatives of industrial competitiveness promotion, such as research and development projects, projects coordination and collaboration and human resources training

• experimental development, aiming to foster and implement the necessary tests for conformity assessment


1. Innovation & Technology

Ability to change its services towards less waste production and sustainable best practices.

2. Collaboration

Networks with similar organizations, companies and other partners.

3. Process Improvement

Ongoing research and improvement processes.

Employees committed to the company's sustainability plan.





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